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The Greatest Quote on the Planet…


…Is the one that gives you the inspiration or chutzpa you need in the moment.

So what does your “moment” look like right now?

Here are a collection of quotes that I think of often.


Perfect Salad Du-Jour


Today, I was thinking about how different people like different tastes. It has crossed my mind before, but this time, it came about because my house mate walked in while I was eating my delicious morning oatmeal (with apples, rhubarb yoghurt, and honey) and said “eww!!” I thought that was hilarious!

So, at lunch, I found myself wondering what the “perfect” salad would be for me, today.

And when I made it, all the deliciousness that I added gave it a crunchy/crisp/fresh/flavorful/satisfying/chewy/healthy/ taste and look!

I truly couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful for lunch… or dinner (I made it twice because it was so fabulous!)


  • Mixed greens (rocket, watercress, red lettuce, spinach)
  • Apple chunks
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • A handful of freshly cooked fusilli pasta
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Cold chicken breast chunks


  • Hand-mixed pesto/tamari/olive oil
Garnished with:
  • A handful of mozzarella cheese
  • Oriental crunchy toasted lentil/peanut/breadstick mix
YUMM!! What’s your favorite salad du-jour?




No More “Sweeping”!


I just gave myself a big present in a little package by doing some “housekeeping” that I assumed would be a daunting task, in a little over half an hour.

I completely restructured, organized, and created file hierarchies in every personal folder on my computer. I also deleted almost 800 old, duplicate, or unused files, and now have a completely clean online “office.” It feels amazing.

Although I always kept my desktop clutter-free, now every time I save something, I don’t have that feeling that I get when I see a decomposable piece of food drop into a practically unreachable spot. “I’m never going to see that again, even if I wanted to, and I know it’s going to cause me stress and discomfort.” …yeah, not the greatest frame of mind!

The problem is now solved. No more sweeping it under the rug for me!! I am liberated, and it was easy!!



Soup Kitchen


My roomie wasn’t feeling so good tonight…

What’s to be done? Soup. Hearty soup.

Carrots, potatoes, peas, pasta, mushrooms, salt, chicken stock. Simmer for a while. Add some spices.

Voilá! Instant feel-better-ness.

(I also made some salmon in the oven. Olive oil, dill, salt, basil. More instant feel-better-ness!)

Form over Function, or Hidden Intelligence?


Do some things get so fancy that they start forgetting what and why they were in the first place?

I have a very high opinion of my Macbook Pro computer, but when then dents in my wrists from the sharp edge of the wrist rest start to hurt, I sometimes have to wonder if “clean cut” has been taken too far.

You argue that I am not sitting correctly? Sure, but I am not the only mac-user who enjoys mac-ing while leaning against a wall on the floor or in bed!

So perhaps this “flaw” is by design? Maybe my mac is using subversive signals to get me to sit in a more posture-friendly position… Now there’s a mind-warp!

It’s All About the Process


Sometimes, a little bit of reassurance is really nice.

Have you ever been in the situation of watching someone do something, who, for whatever reason, you automatically think is better than you at that activity? Maybe because they are older, more established, or have sold work to someone or something “important.” …And then you watch them work, and realize that you work in exactly the same way: Step-by-step.

It’s actually an incredibly helpful and emboldening experience.

I just ran across this video of a writer who videoed himself writing an essay. And you know what? he misspells, hacks, cuts, pastes, has long moments of nothing, and comes out on the other end all the better for it.

Have some faith in your process!!

Discovering Wales


Rwyf wedi bod yng Nghymru, lle mae popeth wedi’i ysgrifennu yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg!

“I’ve been in Wales, where everything is written in both Welsh and English!”

It is a land of whimsy and mystery, where the mention of elves and faeries is not uncommon. Castles and countryside abound, and there is ale, good will, and plenty of rain to go around.

There’re more where that came from! Here is a link to my photos on Flickr. Use your arrow keys to click through!