Rules vs. Exits


You know what’s odd? This seemingly strange universal rule where you have an idea and then shortly thereafter, you see “your” idea as a finished and completed project by someone else… maybe even multiple times (!). That just happened to me… again. At first it was a little discouraging.

But then I gently reminded my bruised ego that the only reason I paid attention to this other person’s work was because it reminded me of my own idea. Otherwise I would have breezed by on the information superhighway like a driver who refuses to ask for directions when there are no more exits for 30 miles.

I guarantee you that no matter how similar your idea is to someone else’s, you came upon it, and thought about it in a different way. Therefore, if you just keep unfolding it, you will come up with something new. Originality is originality whether it’s been done a thousand times or not. YOU are original because you are unique. You just suddenly have the gift of a thousand exits in front of you to stop, ask for directions, and then make your own choices.


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