To Stick or to Quit? That is the Question…


I read an entire book by Seth Godin last night. 

It’s called The Dip, and it’s truly an eye-opener. It’s all about learning stick to something (through “the Dip”) when it matters, and quit something cold turkey when it doesn’t.

Just two weeks ago, I quit a six-year relationship with Facebook because I had come to my own conclusion that it was no longer servicing my life in a productive way. After I got over the withdrawals (actually, I’m not 100% there yet!) I realized that I was starting to think for myself again. I am no longer thinking about myself in the third person perspective, or watching an hour or more slip by without my conscious consent every day. Let me tell you: It feels Amazing. 

What’s your Dip, Cul-De-Sac, or Cliff?

Read The Dip then you’ll understand what I mean.


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