No More “Sweeping”!


I just gave myself a big present in a little package by doing some “housekeeping” that I assumed would be a daunting task, in a little over half an hour.

I completely restructured, organized, and created file hierarchies in every personal folder on my computer. I also deleted almost 800 old, duplicate, or unused files, and now have a completely clean online “office.” It feels amazing.

Although I always kept my desktop clutter-free, now every time I save something, I don’t have that feeling that I get when I see a decomposable piece of food drop into a practically unreachable spot. “I’m never going to see that again, even if I wanted to, and I know it’s going to cause me stress and discomfort.” …yeah, not the greatest frame of mind!

The problem is now solved. No more sweeping it under the rug for me!! I am liberated, and it was easy!!




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