Enable Yourself


I went swimming today (in a real pool, with cap and goggles), for just about the first time since I stopped my competitive racing career almost a decade ago.

Yes, my cardio was pathetic, but I was surprised to find that my technique in the water, after all these years, is still nothing to snort at.

I write this, because it hit a chord about the value of learning something right the first time. Heck, drill it if you need to! (3 miles of laps a day, 4-5 days a week for three years anyone?) Because if it’s worth learning, and you’re really passionate about it, even just for a time, then it’s worth the investment of time/effort/money/sweat/tears to get it right, now. One day, that’s going to pay off

Oh, and on that note, get the bare-bones tools YOU need to stay motivated in the beginning! (Your tools might be different then mine. Great!)

In the pool, was shocked at the number of people trying to do laps without goggles. Sight is important. I speak from experience… walls and chlorine hurt like hell when you invite them into your personal space. I respect the laps. I don’t respect you not setting yourself up for success. Enable Yourself.


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