I think it’s really eye-opening and fun to make and share a “dreamlife” or “bucket list“!

Below are my first 100+, in no particular order. And yes, I’ll be adding to it forever. I know a lot of these are super amorphous, but I find that refining my bucket list is more than a little intimidating. I want to flesh out individual goals as they appear on the horizon, but not all at once! After all, it’s a think big/dream big list, not a box!

Here’s to continuous adventure in mind, body, and spirit!

Aside from seeing a real cloud horse like the one above, before my time is up, I would like to…

Ride a fully-trained bullfighting horse like Merlin.

Ride with the Portuguese Vaqueros to learn the art of Doma Vaquera.

Take a couple of months to ride the trans-continental railway for the entirety of its length.

Climb all 52 Colorado fourteeners.

Live for more than a month on every continent, excluding Antarctica.

Save a human life.

Write a book that gets made into a movie… maybe this one?

Lear to scuba dive and then swim with wales and rays (more than once, of course!).

See a volcano erupt.

Sing with Jon Anderson.

Compose and write recordable, repeatable music. (Most of my work is improvisational.)

Skydive… maybe… gulp.

Hand make a highly ornate Western saddle.

Ride a cargo freighter ship across an ocean.

Learn Spanish. Fluently.

Learn Italian. Fluently.

Learn German. Fluently.

Learn passable French.

Write a grant and “win” a large sum of money for a worthy (probably horse-related) project.

Compete in swimming again.

Marry my soulmate.

Build and live in a treehouse as a main residence for a while.

Naturally tame a completely wild horse.

Ride horses to lake Baikal in Mongolia

Ride with the gauchos in Argentina.

Ride camels on the Sahara.

Ride horses on Safari in Africa and see the big animals from a prey animal’s perspective.

Build (with help) my dream house.

Visit every country in Europe, South, and North America.

Learn to sing. For real.

Bring back an endangered species.

Sleep outside for at least year in my hammock.

Make my own pair of kick-a$$ cowgirl boots! …and we’ll add some fancy handmade chaps, too!

Visit the “ends of the seas” (in my eyes), Hawaii, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Tasmania, Madagascar, The Galapagos, and the Canary Islands.

Fill an entire sketchpad with sketches and art in one day. Repeat.

Ride in an air balloon in/over the Rockies.

Ride in a blimp over a city.

Watch the 20 mile horseback children’s race in Mongolia.

Get a pilot’s license. Both plane and helicopter.

Fly a plane and/or glider in the Alps.

Invent something really, really useful.

Write, direct, and shoot one or many documentary films. (The first will most likely center around horses.)

Be mentored by my most respected horsemen and women in the world. (Lester Buckley, Pat and Linda Parelli…)

Act as a leading/supporting role in a movie.

Be an equine double, stunt artist, or extra in a feature film.

Teach at least one influential actor/actress how ride and interact with a horse, naturally, and then see the results on-screen.

Design and make/have made a line of clothing that suits my kind of lifestyle.

Learn and do horse archery. At a gallop.

Gallop on amazing beaches around the world. (I’ve already done Costa Rica!)

Attend the SCA Gulf War with a horse and/or family again.

Send a message in a bottle… and get a reply! (I sent one in the Bahamas many years ago, but haven’t heard back yet.)

Start a business. Or two. Or Five. Or twenty. Or…

Lead a business/organization to success.

Figure out what success means to me.

Make an earnest billion dollars and then give/invest most of it in something worthwhile… yeah… 🙂 (Read the “sense of scale” bit on that page.)

Learn to cook really good authentic Indian, Italian, Greek, Japanese, and French food.

Teach my kid/s to cook the above ^.

Plant an avocado and mango tree that actually fruits.

Teach myself really nice, enviable handwriting… and use it! (The link is neat too, but I want mine to be for real.)

Design a modern airport that solves the ridiculous spread-out space problem! (It’s about time!! …but I might have to redesign the airplanes too.)

Own a new, really nice, really fast car. And don’t wreck it. Ever.

Live in a horse trailer with my horse/s and travel the country for as long as wanted. (…it doesn’t have to be as nice as the one on the link, but I wouldn’t turn it down!!)

Win a poetry slam.

Win a big portion of money for something I entered in a contest… art? poetry? writing? Video? Music? …?

Be a mother.

Draw/Paint the Biltmore house in semi-detail.

Own a ranch in my dream location and (among other things) provide rescue/training for horses in need.

Make a terminally ill child’s most cherished dream come true.

Write a how-to book on something quirky and then illustrate it.

Cut my hair off… maybe.

…And then grow (nice) dreadlocks… maybe.

Make a herd of snow-horses.

Meet a prince.

Hang glide off a cliff. And don’t die.

Ride through the Grand Canyon on a mule (but a horse would do too).

Ride an elephant in Asia and Africa.

Sit on a moose.

Ride a bucking bull/cow… maybe.

Teach about horses, art, and music to underprivileged children in more than 3 countries.

Watch the northern lights from a dogsled.

See St. Elmo’s fire. Safely.

Purchase my childhood home in Colorado.

Hold a tarantula… maybe.

Swim in every ocean/sea.

Learn to write Sindarin Elvish.

Memorize the names and Capitals of every country in the world.

Own a large parrot.

Go vegetarian for at least a year.

Under natural, peaceful, circumstances, hold hands and look into the eyes of someone taking their last breath.

Take my parents on an amazing bucket-list worthy trip… on my cash 🙂

Make peace with someone who didn’t like me.

Learn a martial art to a high degree.

Make a viral video… by accident… is that possible?

Shear a sheep and then make something out of the wool.

Build a hand-carved harp.

Climb a giant redwood and/or sequoia tree as high as possible.

Use the force to win an arm-wrestling competition with someone muscularly stronger than me. 🙂

Learn to surf and snowboard, and then get good at it.

Herd cows or goats on horseback in the Alps.

Invent a legacy recipe.

Become a falconer… with eagles… from horseback.

Own/be the partner of a Zorse.


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  1. These are dreams truly worthy of the adventuresome natural Colorado little girl who “climbed up”, and of the woman who I always knew you would grow up to be. May you live to realize all these dreams, sweetheart! And then some…

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