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So. Much. Fish.


I got a little over-zealous at the store yesterday when I discovered an entire side of salmon- 1+ kg, for half price!

…But what do you do when you are one person, and you have a kilogram (nearly 2.5 lbs) of salmon that is going to go bad very shortly??


You experiment!

I’ve been wanting to make traditional home-cured “gravlax” (lox) for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Watch a couple of videos to get the idea, and then have at it!

Mine’s got salt, sugar, tamari, lemon, dill, pepper, and fresh ginger. It’ll “be happy” in that for 2-3 days and then, hopefully be beyond delicious…

I’ll let you know!





Break the Fast


                                           “Breakfast like a king,

                       have lunch like a prince and

                                                     dine like a pauper!”

I’ve been eating breakfast consistently every day for a week, now, and I feel miles better. No more mid-afternoon energy drops. No more “eat anything that moves” attitude at lunch and dinner. No more silent irritation at non-irritating things. Whew!

Today, I found this amazing FREE guide and explanation about that all-wonderful meal: Breakfast.

Please, if not for me, then for your own health and longevity, download this document and read it.

Note* I am allergic to eggs. Not all breakfasts have to include a huge amount of cooking. My delicious fruit oatmeal and pre-cooked chicken breast takes me all of 8 minutes to make, consume, and clean up.