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So. Much. Fish.


I got a little over-zealous at the store yesterday when I discovered an entire side of salmon- 1+ kg, for half price!

…But what do you do when you are one person, and you have a kilogram (nearly 2.5 lbs) of salmon that is going to go bad very shortly??


You experiment!

I’ve been wanting to make traditional home-cured “gravlax” (lox) for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Watch a couple of videos to get the idea, and then have at it!

Mine’s got salt, sugar, tamari, lemon, dill, pepper, and fresh ginger. It’ll “be happy” in that for 2-3 days and then, hopefully be beyond delicious…

I’ll let you know!





Soup Kitchen


My roomie wasn’t feeling so good tonight…

What’s to be done? Soup. Hearty soup.

Carrots, potatoes, peas, pasta, mushrooms, salt, chicken stock. Simmer for a while. Add some spices.

Voilá! Instant feel-better-ness.

(I also made some salmon in the oven. Olive oil, dill, salt, basil. More instant feel-better-ness!)

Something’s Fishy!


My kitchen smells like fish, but for the sake of art… and good food… and a good deal, who cares?

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Gyotaku, so when these two whole medium-sized rainbow trout showed up in the store for less-than-half-price, it seemed like a great place to start! And, most importantly, after the fun was had, we filleted and sautéed them in lemon, salt, thyme, and oregano for dinner. No dye in sight! Mmm-mm!!

The Inspirational Dish

The Inspirational Dish

My first post, in honor of the scrumptious dinner that I made this evening. It was so delicious (and pretty!) that I wanted to photograph and document it for others. And thus, The Hybrid Existence was born!


Crackling oregano sautéed trout topped with tender, sweet red pepper and avocado.

A perfect baked Portobello cap filled with courgette (zucchini), cashew, cherry tomato, garlic, watercress, aubergine (eggplant), and cayenne stuffing.

A half-split baked courgette hollowed and filled with pesto, aubergine, mushroom, cashew, and watercress stuffing.

And a mixed avocado salad with olive oil and apple-balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes, and cashews.

SO-o-o delish!!