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Capacity (morphs)


I had to walk out of a class at gym the other day. I’m good about giving stuff a solid try, but I’m also teaching myself to be totally fine with letting go if it doesn’t work for me. After the first 5 minutes of this class, I knew I’d be struggling, miserable, and in severe pain if I kept it up for the whole hour. That combination is not part of my personal idea of a successful experience, so I left without regret or embarrassment and went to tackle my arms, shoulders, and back on the TRX instead. What an excellent choice.

My point is that for all the valiant “never give up, never surrender” moments that we are practically brainwashed into thinking we need to stick out, the real “win” often comes from accepting where you are and trying something new, instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating a plateau, I’m advocating the value of finding a different path to tread to the top of the mountain, even if it’s got a few more switchbacks.




Be Fit For Your Horse


Photo Credit: Linda Guanti:

I just started a group on facebook called Be Fit For Your Horse. Soon, there will be a blog and website to go along with it. In the mean time, check it out and, if it applies to you, join us!

Your horse needs to be flexible, athletic, balanced, and strong to perform at his/her best. But what about you? It always takes two to tango! 

This group exists to provide an encouraging community, full of resources and support, to riders and horse-people of all disciplines who wish to become a fitter, healthier, human partner. 
Together, we can become the dance partners of our horse’s dreams.