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So. Much. Fish.


I got a little over-zealous at the store yesterday when I discovered an entire side of salmon- 1+ kg, for half price!

…But what do you do when you are one person, and you have a kilogram (nearly 2.5 lbs) of salmon that is going to go bad very shortly??


You experiment!

I’ve been wanting to make traditional home-cured “gravlax” (lox) for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Watch a couple of videos to get the idea, and then have at it!

Mine’s got salt, sugar, tamari, lemon, dill, pepper, and fresh ginger. It’ll “be happy” in that for 2-3 days and then, hopefully be beyond delicious…

I’ll let you know!





Lost in Translation


My roommate is from Bulgaria. She says that back at home, they eat a salad every day. 

Immediately, I get this picture of a lovely traditional house or caesar salad, but I dutifully ask, “what do you put in it?”

Apparently, it contains cucumbers, tomatoes, salt, and greek/bulgarian yogurt. Huh… Sounds interesting.

So I ask her, “If you teach me to make it, do you want me to teach you to make a salad from my country?” (Thinking of yummy mixed greens, a hand-mixed dressing, some cheese, salmon or chicken, and a handful of dried fruit)

And she says: “Oh! You mean the plate of grass you were eating the other day??”




Perfect Salad Du-Jour


Today, I was thinking about how different people like different tastes. It has crossed my mind before, but this time, it came about because my house mate walked in while I was eating my delicious morning oatmeal (with apples, rhubarb yoghurt, and honey) and said “eww!!” I thought that was hilarious!

So, at lunch, I found myself wondering what the “perfect” salad would be for me, today.

And when I made it, all the deliciousness that I added gave it a crunchy/crisp/fresh/flavorful/satisfying/chewy/healthy/ taste and look!

I truly couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful for lunch… or dinner (I made it twice because it was so fabulous!)


  • Mixed greens (rocket, watercress, red lettuce, spinach)
  • Apple chunks
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • A handful of freshly cooked fusilli pasta
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Cold chicken breast chunks


  • Hand-mixed pesto/tamari/olive oil
Garnished with:
  • A handful of mozzarella cheese
  • Oriental crunchy toasted lentil/peanut/breadstick mix
YUMM!! What’s your favorite salad du-jour?