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Lost in Translation


My roommate is from Bulgaria. She says that back at home, they eat a salad every day. 

Immediately, I get this picture of a lovely traditional house or caesar salad, but I dutifully ask, “what do you put in it?”

Apparently, it contains cucumbers, tomatoes, salt, and greek/bulgarian yogurt. Huh… Sounds interesting.

So I ask her, “If you teach me to make it, do you want me to teach you to make a salad from my country?” (Thinking of yummy mixed greens, a hand-mixed dressing, some cheese, salmon or chicken, and a handful of dried fruit)

And she says: “Oh! You mean the plate of grass you were eating the other day??”





Perfect Salad Du-Jour


Today, I was thinking about how different people like different tastes. It has crossed my mind before, but this time, it came about because my house mate walked in while I was eating my delicious morning oatmeal (with apples, rhubarb yoghurt, and honey) and said “eww!!” I thought that was hilarious!

So, at lunch, I found myself wondering what the “perfect” salad would be for me, today.

And when I made it, all the deliciousness that I added gave it a crunchy/crisp/fresh/flavorful/satisfying/chewy/healthy/ taste and look!

I truly couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful for lunch… or dinner (I made it twice because it was so fabulous!)


  • Mixed greens (rocket, watercress, red lettuce, spinach)
  • Apple chunks
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • A handful of freshly cooked fusilli pasta
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Cold chicken breast chunks


  • Hand-mixed pesto/tamari/olive oil
Garnished with:
  • A handful of mozzarella cheese
  • Oriental crunchy toasted lentil/peanut/breadstick mix
YUMM!! What’s your favorite salad du-jour?





Tonight was my first chance to shop since returning to England on Tuesday! I had eaten at school the previous day, and borrowed a pepper and some pasta from my friends the day before. Needless to say, I was very excited to get back on track with cooking!

My Bulgarian housemate, Dessi, and I went to the store and picked up fixings for something delicious. We each made pasta, mine with tortellini and hers with rice and shared some soup and salad as well.

I baked my chicken (thighs) with pesto under the skin for moisture. Highly recommended!

Also, As you’ll see in the photos, it’s definitely possible to eat well in college if you put in the effort, but having a matching dining set is another story!!

Mixed salad with mixed pesto and cumin dressing.

Carrot and Coriander Soup with parsley garnish.

Pesto’ed chicken with thyme and basil seasoning.

Ricotta and herb tortellini with herb/mushroom sauce.

Mix ‘n Match

The Inspirational Dish

The Inspirational Dish

My first post, in honor of the scrumptious dinner that I made this evening. It was so delicious (and pretty!) that I wanted to photograph and document it for others. And thus, The Hybrid Existence was born!


Crackling oregano sautéed trout topped with tender, sweet red pepper and avocado.

A perfect baked Portobello cap filled with courgette (zucchini), cashew, cherry tomato, garlic, watercress, aubergine (eggplant), and cayenne stuffing.

A half-split baked courgette hollowed and filled with pesto, aubergine, mushroom, cashew, and watercress stuffing.

And a mixed avocado salad with olive oil and apple-balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes, and cashews.

SO-o-o delish!!