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Discovering Wales


Rwyf wedi bod yng Nghymru, lle mae popeth wedi’i ysgrifennu yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg!

“I’ve been in Wales, where everything is written in both Welsh and English!”

It is a land of whimsy and mystery, where the mention of elves and faeries is not uncommon. Castles and countryside abound, and there is ale, good will, and plenty of rain to go around.

There’re more where that came from! Here is a link to my photos on Flickr. Use your arrow keys to click through!




To Stick or to Quit? That is the Question…


I read an entire book by Seth Godin last night. 

It’s called The Dip, and it’s truly an eye-opener. It’s all about learning stick to something (through “the Dip”) when it matters, and quit something cold turkey when it doesn’t.

Just two weeks ago, I quit a six-year relationship with Facebook because I had come to my own conclusion that it was no longer servicing my life in a productive way. After I got over the withdrawals (actually, I’m not 100% there yet!) I realized that I was starting to think for myself again. I am no longer thinking about myself in the third person perspective, or watching an hour or more slip by without my conscious consent every day. Let me tell you: It feels Amazing. 

What’s your Dip, Cul-De-Sac, or Cliff?

Read The Dip then you’ll understand what I mean.