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Chance of a Childhood


When I was little, a bunch of friends and I were in a study group to learn about Medieval history.

One of the projects included developing a character with a persona, a history, and an origin. In other words, if we lived in the Middle Ages, what life would we have? WHO were we??

I don’t really remember the particulars of my character, but one detail still stands very clear because of how I agonized over the location until it was perfect: My character was from Wales, and she lived in the heyday of a moated castle called Caerphilly.

This castle really exists, and, according to pictures, is still magnificent, albeit well-aged.

Tomorrow, a piece of my childhood will take me by the hand and join me on a train ride to Wales, where I will walk amongst the turreted walls of Caerphilly itself.

When was the last time you made a childhood dream come true?