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Now or Never: Lessons From the Ultimate List


I just made the first working draft of my “DreamLife” list… whew!

It contains 100+ things that I really would like to do before I die.

Take a minute to think about your far-out dreams? Could you write down 100 things that you absolutely want to do before you die? It’s waaay harder than it sounds!!

I certainly learned a few things about myself in the three hours that it took me to filter so many of my “one day” dreams onto paper… heck, my brain even came up with a few new ones! (I want┬áto shear a sheep at some point?? Okay… good to know!)

What really astonished me, however, was visiting a website called bucketlist.org after I finished. I deliberately didn’t give you a direct link, because, assuming you haven’t already or would like to do it again, I strongly encourage you to get out a pen and write your own list before getting ideas from everyone else! It’s a great exercise, and, when you do look at some others, you will be astonished just how similar a lot of people’s dreams are. …I feel like there should be a travel agency dedicated to bucket lists… oh wait, there is!

Anyway, have fun writing your list, and trust yourself!

When you finish, go check out mine!