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Fields and Mountains


At some point last year, I took my friend’s lovely horse Rishona out for a ride on some ancient, but new (to me) hedgerow bridleways.

In general, I tend to put a lot of trust my sense of direction, so I enjoyed wandering with my steed for a few miles under the beautifully arched trees and along the perimeters of several fields.

However, while looking around, I realized that it would actually be so much easier to get lost in this flat, open, and endless patchwork of fields and hedges rather than in the twists and valleys of my native mountains.

Where the land is smooth, there are no landmarks to see from a distance, or high places to gain a vantage point. Conversely, there are also no low points in which to feel sheltered or hidden.

To be very metaphorical, I think that life is much same. It’s so tempting to choose the road

Image Credit http://www.j2f.com/

that gently winds through a flat and trustworthy existence. But if you always think you know where you’re going, won’t your mind run away from of the monotony of it all and leave you lost in the process?

Optimistically, I like to think that it is near impossible to get lost on a true adventure, because adventures are all about surprise and flowing with the go. Learning from and living in the present of the journey is the fun part!

I dare you to take an unscheduled detour and go find a mind-mountain… That missing part of you might just be on the other side.

After all, Life is the ultimate adventure no?