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Discovering Wales


Rwyf wedi bod yng Nghymru, lle mae popeth wedi’i ysgrifennu yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg!

“I’ve been in Wales, where everything is written in both Welsh and English!”

It is a land of whimsy and mystery, where the mention of elves and faeries is not uncommon. Castles and countryside abound, and there is ale, good will, and plenty of rain to go around.

There’re more where that came from! Here is a link to my photos on Flickr. Use your arrow keys to click through!




Chance of a Childhood


When I was little, a bunch of friends and I were in a study group to learn about Medieval history.

One of the projects included developing a character with a persona, a history, and an origin. In other words, if we lived in the Middle Ages, what life would we have? WHO were we??

I don’t really remember the particulars of my character, but one detail still stands very clear because of how I agonized over the location until it was perfect: My character was from Wales, and she lived in the heyday of a moated castle called Caerphilly.

This castle really exists, and, according to pictures, is still magnificent, albeit well-aged.

Tomorrow, a piece of my childhood will take me by the hand and join me on a train ride to Wales, where I will walk amongst the turreted walls of Caerphilly itself.

When was the last time you made a childhood dream come true?